• Our Mission

    Our Mission To groom quality swimmers to support Singapore swimming community


What makes Sapphire Swimming a better choice?

Sapphire Swimming provides a tried and proven progressive and intuitive teaching system. Swimmers of all level will find the lessons easy to pick up and have no pressure at all even if it is your first time. All coaches of Sapphire Swimming goes through co-coaching and private lessons with Head Coach KK to ensure that we all speak the same language and teach the right way Sapphire Swimming Services are on of the best value for time in the market. We know you are busy and we know how to save you time and money while picking up this awesome new life skill. Sapphire Swimming are formed by a group of passionate coaches who are family members and two of them (head coach included) picks up swimming really late. What this means is that We understand your needs and fear(if any). And since we have gone through the same difficulty that all beginners do, we know we have the solutions for you.